The Environmental Advantages of Reusable Water Bottles

In a pinch, disposable water bottles can be very convenient. But that convenience comes at a high cost—disposable water bottles take up space in our landfills and pollute our oceans. What’s more, they take an incredible amount of resources to produce. Creating one year’s worth of water bottles uses up a whopping 17 million barrels of oil.

Before you buy a package of bottled water at the grocery store, consider your other options. Reusable water bottles are a cheaper, safer and more sustainable alternative to disposable ones.

Printwand has assembled this helpful infographic (click through for full view), which consolidates a ton of facts and statistics about plastic bottles into one simple, easy-to-digest image, along with advice for choosing a reusable bottle that’s right for you.

Plastic Water Bottle Infographic

With plastic bottles impacting not only the earth’s resources but the personal health of the people who drink from them, switching to reusable bottles is definitely a choice you’ll want to make.

  1. September 12, 2021

    This is by far one of the most interesting blog posts I’ve read on reusable water bottles! Providing a colorful and creative infographic will help readers retain the needed information. I also love how it included the pros and cons of the different types of reusable bottles.

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