Why You Should Be Using a Liquid Fuel Catalyst

While more and more people are choosing to drive electric and hybrid vehicles, not everyone can afford (or even wants) to do so. Fortunately, using a proven liquid fuel catalyst can help gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicle owners lower their environmental footprint with very little effort or out-of-pocket cost. By using Biofriendly Corporation’s Green Plus® liquid […]

Benefits of Using the Green Plus Liquid Fuel Catalyst

Over the years, a few individuals and companies have questioned whether or not using a fuel additive will do much to improve a motor vehicle’s performance or gas mileage. While it may be true that some additives do very little, when you find out how Green Plus® works, you’ll be able to see the countless benefits which can be had by […]

Buying from ReStores is good for the environment

Image by susieq3c When it comes to needing materials for either basic repairs or major upgrades to your home, most people just head down to the Home Depot, Lowe’s or even their local hardware store.  But did you know that buying from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore could be more economical for you and better […]