Protecting Yourself from Mercury in the Environment

  Image from Recently there have been a number of articles about mercury being found in streams and rivers and how fish are testing positive for mercury.  But do you know how to limit your exposure and protect yourself from mercury in the environment? Here are some common places mercury can be found:  fish […]

How do you clean coal anyway?

  Image by theslowlane There’s all this talk about “Clean Coal”, but how do you clean coal?  To be honest, I don’t really think you can.  How do you clean something that is so dirty?  Coal is a dirty substance, it’s dirty and messy from start to finish.  You can’t really argue that fact.  So, […]

Coal Emissions: Can’t you recycle coal ash?

  (Sink is concrete with 50% recycled fly ash)  Image by Jeremy Levine Design One of the top news stories recently is the Tennessee coal ash pond disaster and the fact that millions of tons of toxic coal ash is being stored in surface ponds across 32 different states.  The issue being that while power […]

What is a liquid combustion catalyst?

  Image by biofriendly Fuel additives, fuel enhancers and many other products that promise lowered harmful emissions and better fuel economy may not be exactly what you are looking for.  If you really want to get results, what you need is an actual liquid combustion catalyst. First of all, what is a catalyst?  A catalyst […]