Real fuel economy at two cents a mile

  Image from You may have seen it or at least something like it, but Chrysler’s new fuel economic car is quickly drawing attention all across the country.  Aptly named the “Peapod”, Chrysler’s new car may be small, but when it comes to fuel economy it is anything but that.  Requiring only about two […]

Fuel economy beaten by the cold

  I was reading a blog from autobloggreen that covered the effects of cold weather on the fuel economy in hybrid cars.  The tests that were done showed weather and/or climate could dramatically lower the fuel economy, sometimes by 5-10 mpg in cold weather areas. Now, like most people, I know there are a variety […]

The SkyBike: Another biofriendly way to take flight

  Image provided by A few weeks ago I wrote about a new low-emission “flying car” and now I wanted to introduce you to the SkyBike™ and Hybrid Skybike™, from Samson Motorworks.  Classed as a motorcycle, the SkyBike apparently has been designed not only to accomodate drivers from any country (due to a door on […]

Bio-fuels and Hybrids look out….Karma is coming!

Image by crazytales562  Bio-fuels used to be all the rage and in some cases, they still are.  Whether you are talking about ethanol made from corn or bio-fuels made from algae or anything in between, you are bound to drum up some interest.  Hybrids also peak interests and are still among the top eco-friendly cars, […]