Why You Should Be Using a Liquid Fuel Catalyst

While more and more people are choosing to drive electric and hybrid vehicles, not everyone can afford (or even wants) to do so. Fortunately, using a proven liquid fuel catalyst can help gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicle owners lower their environmental footprint with very little effort or out-of-pocket cost. By using Biofriendly Corporation’s Green Plus® liquid […]

A Green Plus on Cookware

When it comes to eating healthy many people forget to factor in the cookware they are using to make their meals. You could be buying fresh vegetables and only natural or organic foods and still not get all the nutrients you hoped for. Your cookware could be thwarting your efforts to go green, plus it […]

TCEQ Approves Green Plus® Liquid Combustion Catalyst for Use in Texas

Needless to say, I’m very happy to announce that Biofriendly Corporation’s Green Plus® Liquid Combustion Catalyst has been approved by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ), as an alternative diesel fuel formulation solution in Texas. What does that mean?  Well, it means that diesel fuel producers, diesel importers, retailers and other who need to […]

Are you wasting gasoline?

  Image by biofriendly   I’m sure you’ve noticed the price of gasoline is on the rise again.  The price for unleaded gas where I live in Southern California is right around $3.00/gallon whereas a little over two months ago (on April 16, 2009) it was “just” $2.25/gallon.  In two months it’s gone up about $0.75/gallon…that’s […]

Air pollution control requirements make headway in Long Beach

  The air pollution restrictions proposed last month by the EPA to the International Maritime Organization to establish a 200 nautical mile virtual perimeter around the lower 48 states, Anchorage and the seven populated Hawaiian islands are a breathe of fresh air.  The new restrictions would require ships including tankers, cruise ships, cargo ships and […]

Can beach living be green, plus affordable?

  Image by stevendamron Have you ever wanted to live by the beach but just couldn’t afford it?  I know I have.  Well, now in Santa Monica, CA you can do just that for only about $1327 a month.  Yes, you can live just blocks away from the beach in apartments that are green, plus […]

CO2 Emissions: Tips to lower yours

  Image by biofriendly Can you really lower your CO2 emissions?  Well, the obvious answer is yes, of course.  But do you really know what will lower your emissions?  For example, will you produce less CO2 emissions by idling your car or by turning it off and on?  If your tires are under-inflated will that cause […]

Going green, plus saving money

  Image by ryaninc The idea of going green is such a broad concept.  Can anyone be truly green?  Do you need to have your entire life green before you are making a difference?  Doesn’t switching to more eco-friendly, green items cost more money?  So how can you go green, plus save money at the […]

Coal Emissions: Can’t you recycle coal ash?

  (Sink is concrete with 50% recycled fly ash)  Image by Jeremy Levine Design One of the top news stories recently is the Tennessee coal ash pond disaster and the fact that millions of tons of toxic coal ash is being stored in surface ponds across 32 different states.  The issue being that while power […]

What is a liquid combustion catalyst?

  Image by biofriendly Fuel additives, fuel enhancers and many other products that promise lowered harmful emissions and better fuel economy may not be exactly what you are looking for.  If you really want to get results, what you need is an actual liquid combustion catalyst. First of all, what is a catalyst?  A catalyst […]