Do we really have to choose between food or biofriendly fuel?

  Image by Barbara L. Slavin   Well, this is kind of a two-sided question….unfortunately due to the crashing economy many families are being forced to choose what they pay for and what they don’t. It’s not a pleasant choice, but when there isn’t enough money to cover everything, there is no other choice. And based […]

Will you travel America’s First Biofuels corridor?

  Image by acnatta According to this article from the I-65, which runs through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama, is America’s First Biofuels corridor. With stations selling the biofuels planned to be located every 100 miles or so along the length of the I-65 to make filling up with biofuels a reality in this part […]

Bio-Fuel or Fuel Additive…which is more biofriendly?

  Image by dave_mcmt Now, I’m going to say right off the bat that I don’t pretend to be knowledgeable about which would be better, a bio-fuel or a fuel additive, but it’s a good question, don’t you think? Take a look at this article from regarding Alterra Bioenergy.  This company started off wanting […]

Are Liquid Fuel Enhancers for Public Transportation the Next Green Step?

  Image by The Marmot Every week I see gas prices go down, which is great, but I have to be honest that every day I wonder if tomorrow they will go up again. Aren’t we supposed to be getting more alternative fuels, bio-fuels or liquid fuel enhancers to help with our nation’s fuel consumption and […]

Trekking the biofriendly way

Image by aeu04117 Recently I’ve seen a lot of articles about fuel additives, gas-saving ideas, the future of renewable energy and more. And yes, I’m the type of person who always clicks on the news teasers about the “10 best tips for better gas mileage” or “Can your car go green too?” Now, I have to say that […]

The Diesel Tree

Certainly when it comes to biofriendly fuel, this would be one of the greenest.  This TreeHugger article talks about the Brazilian Copaifera langsdorfii, the botanical name for the diesel tree. The diesel tree, which can grow around 30 meters tall, produces and stores a natural diesel in its unusual capillary structure.  The diesel can be […]

Be More Biofriendly: Eat Chocolate

Now this is the kind of environmental story I like to hear. According to a Reuters article, a new process has been developed that turns chocolate-making waste into a biofuel. On November 26, a truck using the biofuel will set out on a charity mission, from Poole on the English south coast to Mali in West Africa. […]