Air Pollution: How Does Your Neighborhood Rate?

  Image by biofriendly There are many different kinds of pollution, some being more obvious than others of course.  For example, when I’m sitting in traffic heading over the 405 freeway into Los Angeles, air pollution and smog are pretty obvious pollution.  When I pass by the LA River and see trash piling up along […]

The High Line: A Biofriendly Way To Get Around New York

Image by WalkingGeek  If you are looking for a better, more biofriendly way to get around Manhattan’s West Side, how about using the High Line.  What is the High Line you ask?  Well, it’s an environmentally-friendly elevated park which runs for about 1 1/2 miles through the West Side neighborhoods of the Meatpacking District, West […]

Clean Air Choices Pgm Promoting the Environment

  Image by biofriendly They state they are “Cleaning the air we breathe…” and their program is designed to provide information to people to help them make smarter personal transportation decisions.  Decisions that will be better for the environment and help improve air quality.  Who are they? Have you ever heard about them?  Well, […]

Are you wasting gasoline?

  Image by biofriendly   I’m sure you’ve noticed the price of gasoline is on the rise again.  The price for unleaded gas where I live in Southern California is right around $3.00/gallon whereas a little over two months ago (on April 16, 2009) it was “just” $2.25/gallon.  In two months it’s gone up about $0.75/gallon…that’s […]

iBloom: Green is Universal’s latest digital application

Image from  I first heard about iBloom when a friend of mine sent me a link to download it the other day.  She knows I have a lot of interest in environmental and green activities and knows I even have a (Lil) Green Patch on Facebook.  So she thought I might appreciate the new […]

Air pollution control requirements make headway in Long Beach

  The air pollution restrictions proposed last month by the EPA to the International Maritime Organization to establish a 200 nautical mile virtual perimeter around the lower 48 states, Anchorage and the seven populated Hawaiian islands are a breathe of fresh air.  The new restrictions would require ships including tankers, cruise ships, cargo ships and […]

Biofriendly ways to offset your own carbon impact

   On March 2nd, I wrote a blog “Global Warming: Calculate your own pollution“, where I brought up that before I decided to go out and spend money that I don’t have to pay someone else to offset MY carbon impact, I wanted to check out other biofriendly options I could take.  So, here are […]

How do you clean coal anyway?

  Image by theslowlane There’s all this talk about “Clean Coal”, but how do you clean coal?  To be honest, I don’t really think you can.  How do you clean something that is so dirty?  Coal is a dirty substance, it’s dirty and messy from start to finish.  You can’t really argue that fact.  So, […]

Going green with billy goats

Image by woodleywonderworks  Trying to figure out how to get your lawn mowed without having to buy an expensive power mower, use a lot of gasoline or inhale all those power mower fumes?  Well, you could do what Glendale Community College recently did.  They decided that they were going to implement a “greener” land management […]

Global Warming: Calculate your own pollution

Image by biofriendly  A friend of mine and I were talking about global warming the other day, specifically referring to an article I read about “solutions” for climate change.  The article itself was very informative, but some of the ideas were just downright scary due to the horrible potential down-sides, such as: Spray Sulfate Aerosols […]