Virgin Atlantic Aims High for Reduced Emissions

I came across this press release from Virgin Atlantic, which details their ambitions and commitment to lead the aviation industry in the fight against global warming.

“Virgin Atlantic is totally focused on delivering a cleaner airline in the air and on the ground, and our order today will significantly cut carbon emissions per Dreamliner flight.  With this dynamic new plane, our customer will get the world’s best customer service onboard combined with world-class engineering throughout.  The 787 Dreamliner symbolizes the environmentally-kinder aircraft of the future – cleaner, quieter, lighter and truly the best experience in the air.”

The link environment link on Virgin Atlantic’s web page gives a great overview of their efforts to go green in areas other than the world’s skies.  It’s great to see they are applying innovation and ambition to not only the skies, but the ground as well.  The scope of their initiatives includes other areas of the aviation industry while also reaching beyond it.  Go Virgin Atlantic!

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