Toxic Emissions Are Part of Increasing Asthma in Children

Asthma is increasing in children today. Asthma cases have more than doubled since 1980 according to a report by the Collaborative on Health and the Environment. While climate and pollen have a major impact on asthma, more and more evidence is pointing to increased pollution. Local media in Belfast and in Atlanta have run articles in the last day pointing to toxic emissions and general air pollution as an asthma related problem in their cities.

The fact of the matter is that when a vehicle burns fuel, it creates toxic emissions. One of the emissions that are now receiving greater and greater attention is particulate matter. Particulate matter or “PM” is exactly what it sounds like, tiny particles that are released into the air. Some of these particles are so small that your lungs have a difficult and often impossible time removing them. An interesting article with more information on this was written by the Great Basin Air Pollution Control District.

PM is one of the five major toxic emissions that are usually measured in government certified testing, and Green Plus has been shown to reduce it by over 8%. Certified testing where Green Plus reduces pm can be found at PM is quickly becoming a major concern of environmentalists everywhere, and something can and should be done to help reduce particulate matter and the chance of children getting asthma.

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