Carbon Dioxide and International Climate Action Day

  Image by Chewonki Semester School  Global climate change is something that concerns everyone.  Scientists and climate experts alike have said that our planet already has more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere should safely contain and that we need to get carbon dioxide levels down from almost 390 parts per million to 350 ppm.  And […]

Transportation: Cost and Environmental Pollution

  Image by biofriendly No matter what form of transportation you use, one of the key things you should factor in is cost to you and the environment.  How much does it cost to run that vehicle?  How much is your car polluting the air?  How much will a proven fuel additive help lower emissions […]

Sustainability: From Biodiesel to Water Waste

  Image from  When it comes to sustainable-living, not many people can say they are living a sustainable life, much less a green one.  Don’t get me wrong, many people have parts of their life where they are trying to be green or trying to act more responsible when it comes to the environment, but […]

Hydrocarbons Polluting the Air We Breathe

  Image by biofriendly  Even with the large volume of hybrids and electric vehicles being driven around the U.S. every day, there are still millions and millions of  hydrocarbon-based gasoline and diesel vehicles adding to our poor air quality.  For example, these types of vehicles are reportedly responsible for about 60% of the air pollution in most major cities. What causes these […]

Want to Save Gasoline? Have Your Kid Become a Freiker!

  Image from  Now that most schools are back in session (or will be next week), parents are having to deal with dropping their kids off at school before they head to work.  Not only does this add more time to your morning routine, but you end up using more gasoline and often add frustration to the start of your day, etc.  […]

Emissions update on America’s Port

  Image from America’s Port, aka the Port of Los Angeles, is making headway on its quest to significantly lower emissions and improve air quality.  This is even despite it being one of the largest U.S. Harbors, handling more cargo and international shipments in just a few weeks than most North American harbors do in a whole year.  Last year I […]

Protecting Yourself from Mercury in the Environment

  Image from Recently there have been a number of articles about mercury being found in streams and rivers and how fish are testing positive for mercury.  But do you know how to limit your exposure and protect yourself from mercury in the environment? Here are some common places mercury can be found:  fish […]

The Switchblade: Taking Green Travel to New Heights

Image courtesy of Samson Motorworks  Earlier this year I wrote about Samson Motorworks and their SkyBike™.  It looks like they have now come out with something even better – The Switchblade™!  And let me tell you, not only does the name make it sound cool, but the bike is top of the line.  It drives, […]

Planning a Green Camping Trip

  Image by nsgbrown It’s the perfect time of the year to go camping, the kids are hopefully still off for summer vacation, you could really use some time off work or maybe you just want to spend some time in the great outdoors.  Camping is the perfect trip.  It’s low cost, family-friendly and if you […]

Biofriendly Cleaning Tips For Your Car

  Image by VirtualErn One of the things I always see are articles covering biofriendly cleaning tips for around the home.  What I haven’t seen much of are tips for cleaning your car.  Since most people spend hours a day in their car, you’d think they’d want to ensure their car was clean, smelled fresh […]