Emission control: Metro Freeway Service Patrol

  Image by biofriendly Have you ever been running late to work and run out of gas during your commute?  Got a flat tire that you could really use some help changing?  Don’t know what’s wrong with your car, but from the black emissions spewing out behind you, you know something’s definitely not right?  Well, […]

Green BBQing: Gas or Charcoal

Image by mache I know it’s a little early in the year to be pulling out the BBQs (unless you live somewhere like California or Florida), but none-the-less, green BBQing is something you might want to think about before you dust off the ole’ barbie (sorry, too many friends from Australia).  But, which is considered […]

Environmental Priorities for new EPA Administrator

  Image by biofriendly New EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, was sworn into office this week and as you can imagine, she has been tasked with a very important job when it comes to the environment.  I personally hope she does a GREAT job! If you aren’t familiar with the priorities she laid out for herself […]

Coal Emissions: Can’t you recycle coal ash?

  (Sink is concrete with 50% recycled fly ash)  Image by Jeremy Levine Design One of the top news stories recently is the Tennessee coal ash pond disaster and the fact that millions of tons of toxic coal ash is being stored in surface ponds across 32 different states.  The issue being that while power […]

Indoor air pollution…are your holiday candles the culprit?

When I talk about air pollution I’m not just referring to emissions from factories, exhaust from cars on the road, etc., air pollution can be found indoors as well.  Wikipedia defines air pollution as “the human introduction of chemicals, particulate matter or biological materials that cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living organisms, […]

A biofriendly car, no gasoline required

Image by journeyguy It’s been talked about for the last few years and dreamt about for many years prior to that I’m sure, but the next phase in biofriendly transportation – the Air Car (yes, a car powered by air and requiring no gasoline) – is apparently going to start being sold broadly to consumers sometime […]

How much is that flight costing the environment?

  Image by ReneS  There’s a lot of talk in the news about airlines having to cut flights or raise prices in order to make ends meet.  While we know it is a tough environment for the airlines to try and survive in, with the holidays approaching it makes it even tougher on travelers. Nobody […]

Environmental pollution facts you may not know

  Image by biofriendly   A lot of environmental reports are telling us that we need to cut down on harmful emissions and look to more biofriendly fuel alternatives.  Now while most people would agree 100%, how many people have any idea how much their vehicle is contributing to air pollution and global warming? First thing […]

How you travel determines the CO2 emissions of your trip

  Image by gurdonark   Okay, we all pretty much know at this point, that every time we get into a car, get on the bus or get in a plane we are contributing to air pollution and adding harmful CO2 emissions to our environment. But, our mode of transportation determines how much of an affect we are […]

Poor road conditions and your fuel economy

  Image by biofriendly Everyone is trying to save gas – it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are – you are probably doing something to save gas.  Fuel economy is important to us all and I’d personally like to think our recent efforts to save gas are helping to bring down the […]