Acid Rain and the Coastal Consequence

We are reminded every day of the negative effects of air pollution, global warming and toxic emissions from this, that and the other. They affect our health, environmental sustainability and our hip pocket.

Another victim of air pollution is our coastal waters and the marine life that inhabit them. An article from Science Daily outlines a study showing that although acid rain does have some effect on our oceans, a more damaging effect is occurring in our coastal waters. Pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide (some of the nasties in fuel emissions) create an ocean acidification process when mixed with seawater. This process reduces the pH and storage of carbons, the effect of this impeding the livelihood of marine organisms, which is further detailed in an earlier article.

So it’s not just the land that is affected by acid rain, but our coastal waters also. On a side note, the effect of global warming has also been linked to the bleaching of coral reefs. Increased water temperatures attributed to global warming have been offered as the most likely cause of coral reef bleaching, which is the loss of coloration induced by environmental stress. All those pretty colors; going, going, gone.

I just thought I’d give a voice to those that live under water and bring attention to the underwater effects of air pollution.

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