Sensibly Green

Well, nothing has really grabbed my attention today on the environmental front – but something did make me have a bit of a chuckle…

This Ethical Corporation article broaches the ides that some things aren’t as “Green” as they claim to be.  Recycling is good, but how much energy was consumed and how much pollution produced to get it recycled?  That’s the side that seems to get overlooked when deciding what will be the greenest option.

It seems that with this massive push for environmental concern and action, all our good-intentioned enthusiasm may be taking us in the wrong direction.  Put simply, of all the choices we have available to us, we should choose the one that leaves less of an impact on the world around us… within sensible reason.  I’m not just suggesting that we choose differently, but also that some of the choices made available to us turn a more sensible shade of green. 

The article may get you to look at your options a little more closely, and get a chuckle out of you at the same time.  I thought it was funny anyway…

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