Government Report on Global Warming and Oil Production

A study has been conducted by climate change researchers, which examines the anticipated effect that global warming will have on the U.S. energy supply.   The study concludes that weather changes caused as a result of global warming could seriously disrupt the extraction, refining and transportation of oil in the U.S. A summary of the report […]

Sensibly Green

Well, nothing has really grabbed my attention today on the environmental front – but something did make me have a bit of a chuckle… This Ethical Corporation article broaches the ides that some things aren’t as “Green” as they claim to be.  Recycling is good, but how much energy was consumed and how much pollution […]

Drivers to Pay for Biofriendly Solution

Oddly enough, it is in this article from the China View, that I hear Los Angeles motorists could be slugged a “climate change mitigation and adaptation fee” under a new legislative proposal backed by the board of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). The new legislation would allow voters to choose between paying […]

Flicking the Switch for Earth Hour

Started in Sydney Australia in 2007, Earth Hour is now an international annual event that calls for homes and businesses across the globe to switch off their lights and non-essential electrical appliances for one hour. Last Saturday, March 29th at 8:00pm, millions of homes and businesses across the globe switched off their lights to support […]

Environmental Action: Are We Going To Far?

There’s always something being said about the environment these days. Some hype up the concern, some play it down, some come up with practical solutions – and wacky ones, and some point out the wrongs that need to be righted. Some causes for global warming and general environmental harm include emissions from cars, ships, airplanes, […]

Indonesia Goes Biofriendly

In the lead up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will be held in Bali, Indonesia from December 3rd to 14th, Indonesia has taken on the biofriendly task to plant 1 billion trees.  According to this Voice of America article, the Indonesian government has already planted 79 million trees across the […]

Biofriendly Youth Vote Green

Whether or not you’ve been caught up and sold on the hype of global warming and the new biofriendly consciousness, voters are waving the green flag and paving the way for a greener tomorrow for us all.  There is much “evidence” and “opinion” that argues both sides of the global warming debate, but if you […]

Have Yourself A Biofriendly Christmas

Yes everyone, it’s that time of year again.  In the frenzy that is Christmas, there are a few things we can do to bring good tidings to mother earth as well.  So, according to this Natural Choices article, here are the top 10 tips for making your Christmas festively green: 1. Turn off your fairy […]

Los Angeles Auto Show Takes a Biofriendly Focus

The Los Angeles Auto Show started yesterday, revealing a commitment from carmakers to include a focus on the environment. Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Honda contributed their visions for a future of biofriendly cars.  “Ford is committed to offering customers affordable, environmentally friendly technologies in vehicles they really want,” Alan Mulally said. “We are focusing […]

Fresh Approach For A Biofriendly Car

If all the hype on the world’s environmental issues are driving you crazy, then here’s something to lighten things up – automotive innovation on a whole new level.  XP Vehicles have come up with the Whisper car – environmentally friendly and designed with safety in mind; the Whisper is an inflatable car!  There’s not a […]