Nitrogen oxides coming to a port near you

Image by biofriendly Air pollution in ports across America has become a serious issue.   If you go down to any major shipping port, such as the Port of Los Angeles or Long Beach, the air pollution and harmful emissions coming from ships going in and out of the port immediately becomes apparent.    In the Environmental Defense Fund report “Floating Smokestacks: A Call for […]

Global Warming, is our environment really at risk?

  Image by ‘bert The fact or fiction of global warming is a heated subject, no pun intended.  There are many who don’t believe that global warming is happening while others feel that it is a large part of major environmental changes across the globe. The Natural Resources Defense Council informs us that due to carbon […]

Cutting Grass The Green Way

I’m not writing about this treehugger article because it’s a change from the global warming debate that continues to go on being debated, and I’m not writing about it because it’s a wonderfully new leap in technology.  No, I’m writing about the modest reel mower because finally someone gets my excitement! Earlier this year I […]

JetBlue Goes Green

Air travel is a heavy contributor to the emissions being pumped into our environment.  So in this time of environmental consciousness, it’s great to see the setting of goals and achievements being made across the globe. JetBlue believe ‘a cleaner, greener planet is good for us all’, and they are making changes to make sure […]

Biofriendly Transportation

Something a little lighter for the halfway mark in the week…   This treehugger article shows the efforts being made to introduce a more biofriendly mode of transportation – the Ecocab.  This three-wheeled pedaling machine first came out in Toronto Canada at the beginning of May, but has already been frequenting the streets of Dublin, Berlin […]

Global Dimming

I’m not really sure what to make of this one, but anyway, here goes… In this article, Australian scientist Professor Tim Flannery has proposed emergency measures be put in place as an urgent solution to global warming.  Flannery, Australia’s best-known expert on global warming believes that the issue of global warming is far more […]

Polar Bears Acknowledged As Endangered

May 14th saw the Polar Bear acknowledged as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).  Sea ice is melting too rapidly, which is attributed to global warming.  The loss of this natural habitat for polar bears is what threatens their survival. U.S. Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne announced the decision that the […]

Carbon Dioxide Levels at 650,000 Year High

According to this article, the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have reached their highest level yet in 650,000 years. Carbon Dioxide levels currently stand at 387 parts per million (ppm), which is almost a 40% increase since the Industrial Revolution, say scientists at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii.   The observatory has […]

Study Finds Koalas Threatened By Global Warming

Some people may consider the dilemma of global warming to be a fallacy, or at the very least, an exaggeration.  There is an opinion that the earth’s rising temperature is simply part of a natural cycle that has occurred throughout history – temperature rises then temperature falls etc.  While others will argue that global warming […]

A Declaration For Biofriendly Skies

The third Aviation & Environment Summit for 2008 was held in Geneva last week, which saw industry leaders make a commitment to work together to reduce the negative effects that air travel has on the environment.  A declaration was signed by 13 organizations within the industry, which commits them to developing new technologies for improved […]