Cutting Grass The Green Way

I’m not writing about this treehugger article because it’s a change from the global warming debate that continues to go on being debated, and I’m not writing about it because it’s a wonderfully new leap in technology.  No, I’m writing about the modest reel mower because finally someone gets my excitement!

Earlier this year I went to the Hardware store to buy myself my very first lawn mower.  Do I get a gas-powered one, an electric one or one of those hand-thingy mowers?  And although it took me quite some time to decide as I battered the salesmen with questions, I finally settled on the Flymo H40 (hand-thingy mower).  Excited by my new acquisition I hurried home, eager to put it together and try it out.

Faced with a daunting growth of buffalo grass, I pulled on my pink gardening gloves and prepared for the workout ahead.  True, tackling several (and buy that I mean an embarrassing several) months of un-kept lawn did put a glistening dew atop my brow and yes, as the article says, I did need go over it 2-3 times – but let’s not forget the grass was almost tickling my knees. 

As I stepped back to behold the fruits of my labor, I was almost moved to hug my Flymo H40.  I was so giddy with excitement and pride that I raced inside to phone the world and share my shining moment.  My excitement wasn’t exactly reciprocated but my spirits could not be dampened.  I mow the lawn at least every couple of weeks now and still I am impressed by the perfect cut of my lawn.  It’s not that hard physically and it would take a bit longer, but I never have to go out and get gas/oil or curb my language because the darn thing won’t start.  I think the cut is much cleaner which may sound odd but it’s true.  And yes, there are a few less emissions floating around. 

It’s not for everyone; size of your lawn for one thing is a major factor.  But if you have a smallish front or back yard, I too think you will be delightfully surprised by the unassuming and biofriendly reel mower. 

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