Hydrocarbons Polluting the Air We Breathe

  Image by biofriendly  Even with the large volume of hybrids and electric vehicles being driven around the U.S. every day, there are still millions and millions of  hydrocarbon-based gasoline and diesel vehicles adding to our poor air quality.  For example, these types of vehicles are reportedly responsible for about 60% of the air pollution in most major cities. What causes these […]

Emissions update on America’s Port

  Image from PortofLosAngeles.org America’s Port, aka the Port of Los Angeles, is making headway on its quest to significantly lower emissions and improve air quality.  This is even despite it being one of the largest U.S. Harbors, handling more cargo and international shipments in just a few weeks than most North American harbors do in a whole year.  Last year I […]

EPA’s Clean Diesel Project giving away $300 million

  Image by mujitra (´???) on Flickr   I was doing some research on the EPA website as I wanted to get more information on the new CA laws just put into place to lower CO2 emissions.  But before I could even get that far a podcast with the title “Green Scene: Funding Available for Clean Diesel […]