Rainbow fire

These colorful flames in the sky are actually an optical phenomenon known as a circumhorizontal arc. 

Does Air Pollution Stay in Your Lungs?

We often hear about the world’s problems with air pollution, but what exactly are we breathing in out there and does it stay in our lungs? This week on The Biofriendly Podcast, we separate the smog from the particulate matter, learn more ways to reduce emissions, and is it dangerous to light your farts on fire?

What day is it?

While it does seem like this turtle has been hibernating for years, she actually emerged after two weeks in a muddy lake that had dried up.

Holding the moon

Photographer Eric Houck perfectly captured this eerily beautiful angle of tree branches appearing to hold the moon.

Embrace Meatless Mondays | Tuesday Tip

Meatless Mondays are a great way to improve your health and it’s a simple way we can all help prevent climate change!

Deadly Smurf?

The white-lipped island pit viper of Southeast Asia is typically green, but on the rare occasion some have a blue color and are not to be trifled with.

Empowering Women in Uganda with Karen Sugar

Did you know that 80% of the food in Africa is produced by women and small to medium scale farmers? This week on The Biofriendly Podcast we welcome Karen Sugar, Founder and Director of the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund to talk about how her non-profit came together, ways they support women in Uganda, and did Jacob check himself out in the mirror during the podcast?

Earth Tetris

While it may look like a planetary video game of sorts, these square blocks of mangroves are farmed in the Philippines.

(Double) hump day

Happy (double) hump day with this Bactrian camel looking majestic as ever in the Gobi Desert by photographer Atsuko Kawaguchi.

Be a secondhand hero | Tuesday Tip

Buying used is a helpful way to be more sustainable! One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.