(Double) hump day

Happy (double) hump day with this Bactrian camel looking majestic as ever in the Gobi Desert by photographer Atsuko Kawaguchi.

Be a secondhand hero | Tuesday Tip

Buying used is a helpful way to be more sustainable! One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Silently judging you

The rare and endangered Irawaddy dolphin found in parts of the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia.

Does Air Conditioning Harm the Environment?

As global temperatures rise, our dependence on air-conditioning only increases, which causes even more problems in the atmosphere. This week, Noel and Jacob talk about the challenges of living in arid climates, creative ways to cool down before bed, and can anyone fit their pillow in the freezer?

Itsy bitsy hooray! | Green Wings Award

We decided that this enthusiastic, colorful spider cheering you would be the perfect winner of our Green Wings Award this month! Source unknown. Please feel free to contact us if you know the original source of this video.

Crooked forest

The Crooked Forest in Poland is a grove of 400 pine trees that as to why they are bent remains a mystery to this day.

Save the bees! | Tuesday Tip

Whether you plant a bee garden or make a bee bath, we all need to work together to help them thrive for generations to come!

Island in the sky

While we wish it was an island in the sky, this optical illusion is actually a tiny island in the middle of Tumuch Lake in northern British Columbia.

Are Carbon Offsets Actually Helpful? with Dr. Mark Trexler

The 2020 Olympics are about to start (in 2021 nonetheless) and the city of When it comes to tackling the challenges of climate change we often need a new perspective so that’s why this week we welcomed Dr. Mark Trexler from The Climatographers to The Biofriendly Podcast. Mark shares a new way of thinking that could bring about more collective action, how carbon offsets were first created, and how is this all like a pregnancy test?

Lean on me

An award-winning photograph by Zaheer Ali titled “All you need is a hug,” captures an oxpecker resting on a rhino’s horn beautifully.