Regenerative Travel

As world travel begins to make its triumphant return, the tourism industry is poised and ready to make some positive changes with an initiative called ‘Regenerative Travel.’ This week on The Biofriendly Podcast we explore this new sustainable travel movement that aims to make our post-pandemic travel more eco-friendly, less crowded, and quite possibly allow Noel and Jacob to make the best/worst bathing suit choices for the beach!

It’s NOT a phase, Dad

The Bearded Vulture looks like a 1980’s punk rocker with dyed pink hair and black mascara.

Creature of the night

An award-winning photograph by Will Burrard-Lucas that captures a panther emerging from the night sky like a constellation coming to life.

Leave your shoes at the door | Tuesday Tip

Those fresh kicks on your feet can carry a lot of toxic stuff from the outside world into your home!

Can I speak to the manager?

The underside of this Sawfish looks a bit like Roz from Monster’s Inc. and she wants to file a complaint.

Topper Luciani of Goodfair Talks Secondhand First

It’s no secret that we have been conditioned to consume the latest and greatest when it comes to stuff… especially clothing! This week we welcome Topper Luciani, CEO of Goodfair, a company that is putting thrift stores at your fingertips. Topper shares his story of how Goodfair came to be, Jacob confesses that he was a thrift store nerd, and turns out Noel is a Tick aficionado.

Sharing is caring

Two bees sharing a little drop of honey is a good reminder of how important it is to bee-friendly!

Drift to sleep

We’ve heard of a cat nap, but a duckling nap is even cuter than we imagined!

Choose Spot-on Flea Treatments | Tuesday Tip

Thankfully, there are many pet-safe, family-safe options when managing and preventing flea infestation!

We are being watched

This amazing cloud formation is called a Fallstreak Hole, and it appears when a cloud’s water droplets freeze into ice crystals which grow large enough to fall below the cloud layer. Taken in Wonthaggi, Australia.